Our Process

What You Can Expect

You have the perfect concept for your new home or addition but need help. We know the thought of starting your project can be very overwhelming. That is why Paterniti Homes has put together a walk through process to help understand each step and what to expect.

Getting Started

Fill out our online quote form or contact our office to provide us with the basic details of your project. This allows us to start matching your unique vision/needs with any recommendations we may have. We will provide any questions

Initial Meeting

We meet to discuss the specifications of your new home construction needs or existing home projects. During this meeting, we will also discuss any of your questions along with project-specific questions.

Working Plan

Prior to starting any work we will create a working plan that identifies the scope of work and is ready for code review/permitting.

The Bottom Line

Based on your specifications and options, we will provide costs and purchase agreements. To make life easier, we will also discuss financing options and help guide you through the process of financing your new home/project. With your ideas and our knowledge, skills of design, and build-out, together we can come up with a plan that will be sure to fit your needs.

Starting Your Project

Chuck will be involved in all phases of your construction project and will work hard to complete your home or construction project. Our experience and expertise in construction will allow you to get the best value for a new home build or construction project.

New Homes & Remodeling

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